Using Windows Live Writer : first impressions

Using Windows Live Writer : first impressions

I’ve been using Windows Live Mail for some time and find it a very useful application to integrate together a few email addresses, but still allowing me to see my mail via hotmail for those times I’m not at my PC.

Having now started using BlogEngine, I’d thought I’d try Windows Live Writer as the blog’s documentation had mentioned the MetaWeblog API.

Well, here it is. My first post using Live writer.  Seems very competent. And got that ever necessary spell checker.

But I have to admit, I have gone over to using OpenOffice as my main word processor as I cannot stand the Office 2007 Ribbon and I certainly don’t want to fork out for something I don’t like. So I looked first to see if there was a MetaWeblog API extension to OpenOffice. There’s Sun Weblog Publisher but it looks too old, and there are report that some have had issues with it, so perhaps I’ll give it a miss.

Meanwhile, I’ll stick to Writer and see how it goes.

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